Please ensure you have read our funding criteria prior to completing an application. This can be found here: Funding Criteria 2016-18

You can apply for a small grant (up to and including £500) by downloading this form: Small Grants

You can apply for a large grant (over £500) by downloading this form: Large Grants

You can apply for a training bursary (maximum £1000) by downloading this form: Training Bursaries

The ARCHIE Foundation has a comprehensive funding programme. We provide grants for many projects including those for: individual children currently in the care of the NHS, to support families during extended hospital admissions, to support NHS child health staff to undertake advanced training courses, to fund specialist equipment, and to fund specialist staff posts. If it will make a difference for a child being treated in hospital, or with an on-going healthcare issue, then we are happy to hear from you to see if we can assist. 

We also provide long-term project support such as The ARCHIE Family Centre, which includes 19 bedrooms for parents of patients in Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital, our Specialist Nurse post, other advanced staff posts, research into illnesses affecting local children and major refurbishment or development projects such as the new Highland Children's Unit in Inverness and the Tayside Children's Hospital appeal.  

Our funding process is quick but sufficiently robust to ensure we do not fund anything that should be provided by the NHS. Our funding is always to be in addition to what is supplied by the National Health Service. You can apply for funding that will make a difference for any child, or group of children, accessing care in NHS Grampian, NHS Highland, NHS Shetland, NHS Orkney and NHS Tayside

​To apply for funding please select the correct form to complete from the list below. Once completed, please follow the instructions on the form detailing how to send your application into us. You can apply at any time of the year, although larger applications are only considered quarterly. 

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