Who Is Charity Witt – Net Worth, Age, Status

by Geoff | Last Updated: May 19, 2020

You might know Charity Witt as one of the best powerlifters of our time if you’re into the sport. But just a couple of years ago, this elite lifter was homeless, working at a laborious job where she was also “staying” at, and having a hard time forgetting her unpleasant youth.

After living that life for two years in Canada, she returned to Georgia to pursue biochemistry after receiving the Hope Scholarship. Little did she know, it would be powerlifting that lifted her out of poverty and towards success.

Charity Witt body building pose

Witt is a medical undergraduate by day, professional mid-weight record-holding powerlifter by night. Yet, succeeding to lift 400 lb. while weighing 165 lb. had not been an easy feat to accomplish. Witt not only had cardiac arrhythmia at a tender age of 17. She also had to deal with severe spine deformities from a childhood accident and, if that wasn’t enough, her passion for weight lifting garnered her a bunch of retaliation from the people who are supposedly closest to her.

Rather than supporting her, Witt’s family was repulsed at her interest in a strength sport, saying that it should only be done by sumo wrestlers or women who are disgusting. Despite this, she prioritized her passion and chose to block out all the hate. Thereafter, she bit the bullet and took on the tough journey ahead in her stride.

Charity Witt, Her Journey & Health

Witt is also not afraid to make unorthodox calls. She had quit her managerial job at the Canadian event center when she was just 19 because she didn’t find it fulfilling. What’s more? Instead of following her doctor’s instructions to take things easy and take regular prescriptions for her arrhythmia, she controlled her food intake instead. She also does physiotherapy to straighten her spine and manage her scoliosis. At present, she is involved in cancer research for less artificial treatment chemicals at an institution that studies nutrition.

Charity Witt power lifter

Witt had seen two of her grandparents overcome cancer but with different methods. While one grandparent suffered through chemotherapy, the other took matters into his own hands and nurtured his health back in every natural way there was. Having witnessed his recovery, Witt had decided to use the repertoire of nutritional knowledge she gathered from her education to contribute to cancer treatment research.

Witt is also cautious about her diet and food intake, ensuring that she steers clear of dairy products while mainly getting her nutrition from eating sufficient protein and carbohydrates. She also makes sure to down a small amount of apple cider vinegar every morning.

That said, there were rare cheat days when Witt gave in to her cravings.

Self Image, Weight Struggles & Fitness

Just because she is an elite powerlifter doesn’t mean that she never faces problems with self-image. In fact, after she began weight lifting, she gained about 25 lb. in mass; she admittedly struggled with this initially as they were not muscle-mass liked she had hoped for. The muscles only came in after that.

Her diet prior to weightlifting summed up to about a 1000kcal per day, significantly less than what she ended up eating to sustain her passion. As mentioned, the initial weight gain did not result from gaining muscles. Witt had to undergo the painstaking journey of adapting to this new diet and lifestyle, recognizing that this journey was going to take some time and that she was in it for the long run. That also meant that she needed to alter and regulate her body’s metabolic process.

Body builder Charity Witt

Witt prides herself in successfully influencing her fitness trainees to aim for muscles rather than losing weight. She finds her job fulfilling when her trainees learn to consume more while taking pleasure in the journey they choose to undertake.

Although part of Witt’s family had begun to accept her interest in weightlifting, others still refuse to even entertain the idea until today.

Committing To Weight Lifting & Building Muscle Mass

Witt advises that everyone has to be independent in making decisions about their own body as no one else knows you better than yourself. She attributed her knowledge to her experience and comprehension from being a nutritionist. An example she gave was the fact that she knew the importance of carbohydrates in gaining muscles. If she had even begun to attempt any low-carb diet, she would not have the body she has today and the muscles she needed to sustain her current lifestyle. Witt even confidently stated that she is a better powerlifter when she consumes carbohydrates.

In order to carry out those amazing powerlifting feats that Witt does on a daily basis, she will unquestionably need to acquire as many muscles as she can get.

Charity Witt

A usual day in Witt’s life includes providing assistance to a doctor from the wee hours to afternoon, followed by her personal lifting exercises, and finally having four hours of fitness training for clients in the night. During the week, she does her usual reps of barbell lifting. When the weekends come, she transitions to doing heavy-duty powerlifting.

For Witt, it was really overcoming the mentality of “not having enough time” that she found the most insuperable, yet most fulfilling to get the better of. To her, saying that one doesn’t have the time to pursue something one wants is simply an excuse. Well, she made the decision to choose otherwise and devoted herself to her craft while still managing to find time to reignite date nights with her long term partner during her personal time.

If you have seen Witt before, you will know that she is a beautiful lady. Unfortunately, this has gotten her plenty of backlash from the online community, who merely focused on her appearance and disregard her in other aspects. But Witt doesn’t play their games. She rarely entertains those negative comments and redirects her focus on more productive things that she knows she has a say in.

Witt’s love for the sport is not one that is baseless. She used to have an unhealthily competitive mindset when it came to weightlifting abilities. Then, she had a revelation that what truly matters in this sport is persistent effort and actually building something out of it, like a career, which she did. Other than knowing how to lift heavy weights, Witt has also learned to be mentally tough, be more accepting and nurturing of herself, and to face obstacles head-on.

Witt’s Setbacks, Achievements & Success

With such a strong mentality fostered from years of setbacks and perseverance, Witt deserves every achievement that she has accomplished today. With that, the lesson we can take away from Charity Witt’s story is that we are all bound to meet someone better than us regardless of our field. So, don’t waste your time worrying about other people or the future and focus on what’s on your plate right here and now.