Fun Third Date Ideas That You’ll Remember

by Lynn Smith-Lovin | Last Updated: May 17, 2020


So you have reached your third date with the person you are seeing! Compared to the first and second dates which may have been a little awkward, the third date signifies that you have somehow made it past the awkwardness of the first encounters and are slowly getting to know each other more.

Design Differences Between A Second & Third Date

A third date means that you are more comfortable with the other person and it’s time to do something more! For the third date, it will be fun to choose something creative and exciting so that it engages the both of you and can keep the conversation going! Choose something that is hands-on and engaging so that both of you can get involved and learn more about each other through interactive activities. Read on to find out some of the creative date ideas that you can consider for your upcoming third date!

things to do on a third date

Be Physical With Salsa Dancing

Dancing can be a great way to break down physical barriers and to get closer to each other! Ballroom dancing can be a great way to start, and the spiciest option is Salsa! Salsa dancing is sexy and can be incredibly hot. If you and your date have some sense of rhythm, you can try out salsa to get closer to each other and learn more about each other. With the close physical boundaries and physical touches, you’ll get to feel out each other’s coordination and learn about the other person’s body language. Salsa dancing is also a good way to feel the physical chemistry too! Now that you’ve broken down the physical barriers, you will definitely feel more intimate than before.

Escape Room Activities

Escape rooms are all about the hands-on activities and brain-wrecking clues. Solving the puzzles and clues together is definitely a good way to have a conversation going and to engage with each other. It is not only fun, but you can also learn to collaborate with each other and learn about their personal communication style! Besides the problem-solving part, getting stuck in a closed space with your date for a long time also gives you ample opportunity to initiate physical touch and to get close and flirty!

Visit A Museum & Converse

Museums are not all boring and dull. There are many fun and quirky museums that can be great date ideas— the weirder, the better it gets! Museum dates are great for walking around and exploring the exhibits together. Walking around the space and looking at the displays also generates a lot of conversation between the two of you and can lead to very interesting and in-depth conversations! All you need to do is research a little online on what quirky and fun museums are around for you to explore. Think wax museums, stamp museums, or even toy museums! The weirder the museum, the more fun the experience!

Learn Pottery While On Your Date

Pottery is not only for those with an artistic flair. Pottery can be easy and a good way to get closer to your date. A pottery class can also be incredibly romantic while working with your hands. Pottery is not only a fun way to spend time, but it can also be a sensual experience with the molding and smoothing of clay. Going for a pottery class together can help with the non-physical intimacy and help you grow closer together as a couple. Remember to just stay natural and avoid overly cheesy actions. A pottery class will definitely make the dating atmosphere feel cute and cozy!

Drive Out Somewhere Together

If you know of a good scenic location where you can drive out to and watch the sunset, then it’s time to grab some food and drinks and head there with your date! Driving out to a remote and scenic location to chat over some food and drinks can be a good way to know more about the other person. The remote location also gives you the privacy and intimacy to have in-depth conversations and make the date feel cozier! This date idea is definitely more creative and intimate than simply going to a restaurant. Besides, the cozy atmosphere can easily lead to a make-out session, which is made possible due to the remote and private space!

fun things to do on a 3rd date

Join A Cooking Class Together

A cooking class is a good way to get closer as a couple emotionally, physically, and sensually. Besides, everyone loves food so this date idea will never go wrong! What’s more, a cooking class involves a lot of hands-on activities and engagement, generating conversation between you and your date. It also provides a chance to get physically closer as you peek over at what the other person is doing and offer a taste of what you have cooked. At the end of the class, you can sit down and taste your culinary creations together. This is a good time to find out more about each other’s preferences in food and what the other person likes. You can even take the recipes home for a romantic home-cooked dinner— a good idea for your next date!

Get Romantic With A Themed Movie Night

If you and your date both enjoy movies, then a themed movie night will be a great date idea for your third date! Take this chance to introduce your favorite movies and plan a date centering around the themed movies! If you both love a specific type of movie, like Mel Brooks or Bill Murray’s movies, you can plan a movie date where you watch two or three of the movies that both of you really enjoy. Movies are great conversation starters and will be sure to generate a lot of talk over the course of the date. You can even choose to watch a movie that has a new and old version, and talk about which version you like better.


Celebrating Your Third Date Milestone

The third date is a milestone to celebrate and you will most definitely want to impress your date with a creative, fun, and engaging date! Try out some of these date ideas which will help bring you closer together as a couple.

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Dates don’t have to be boring and mundane, all you need to do is be creative and mix things up a little!

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