Top 10 Signs A Female Coworker Likes You

by Lynn Smith-Lovin | Last Updated: December 17, 2020

For everyone after graduating from school, their workplace is undoubtedly the next best place meeting all sorts of new people. Work provides you with an excellent opportunity to forge new friendships and mentorships, and if fate calls for it, you may even get to meet your future spouse!

After all, these people whom you call colleagues will be the everyday faces that you spend a lot of your time with, even more so than your family members.

signs female coworkers give off when they like you

Obvious Romantic Signs At The Work Place

As such, it’s no surprise for you to form some extent of attachment (or even attraction) to your peers at work, where friendships can bud into something more. Before you get over-excited about an office romance, it is imperative that you’re well able to discern the difference between flirting and out-of-the-way acts of affection, with just caring and kind acts out of good mannerism.

Remember, the work place is a place for professionalism that has codes of conduct in place for obvious reasons, after all it is not a bar to meet singles. Having said that, that’s not to say that a little harmless flirting is frowned upon and you can still have a little fun trying to work out the obvious telltale signs if that girl in the office really does like you, or she is just being nice equally to all coworkers.

The following are 10 telltale signs a female coworker likes you and how it could lead to more:

#1 She Obviously Likes Conversing With You Most

While making good conversations and getting along well with someone doesn’t necessarily indicate a romantic interest, if you notice that your co-worker has been finding any opportunity she can to get to talk to you (not so subtly), then that could perhaps indicate something else. This is especially so if your conversation topics go beyond that of work and creep into things you do in your personal life!

She is trying to find out more about you and determine if your interests are compatible with hers. What her mind is doing is building a picture of how you would be in her everyday life as a partner and if you meet her needs.

Essentially is interested in trying you out as a partner to see where the relationship will go… she is interested in you.

Examples Of Coworkers Approaching You Not So Subtly

So what exactly does approaching you not so subtly mean? How do we define it in order to determine whether she is simply asking a question or using an excuse to get closer to you for a chat?

Subtle signs a female work colleague fancies you

Subtle signs a female coworker likes you in the work place.

Clearly there’s no definitive answer. Her you must use your knowledge of her as a character and see if she does the same thing to others or if she does things differently with you. It is not always rocket science, as women don’t always hide signs that they like you. of course they do not want to make it obvious  for the whole world to know, but at the same time they will give you cues, otherwise how will you ever get together?

It is best to be sure when it comes to knowing the signs a female coworker likes you, so here are some subtle but obvious signs that she does:

#2 She’s Not Shy To Catch Your Eye During Meetings

Serious discussions and meetings with your work team during working hours is certainly not a prime time for flirting, but if you catch your colleague smiling at you or making constant eye contact in this situation, that is a rather clear indicator that she’s got her eyes and mind fixated on you. Also, you may notice her smiling more than usual during your turn for presentation; if she likes you, hearing you speak is enough to make her smile.

She will use mind games to get into your head

Remember meetings can be stressful, particularly if you are doing a presentation. So she might use this opportunity to offer you comfort and get into you head. The subconscious mind picks this up and before you know it you will be thinking about her because she made the. effort to support you in “your time in need”.

#3 She Surprises You With Coffee the Way You Like It

If your colleague has the hots for you, there is no doubt that she’s going to be extra sensitive towards your likes and dislikes: she’ll be sure to remember your words, and show so.

A sure sign is where she shows up at your work desk in the early morning with a cup of coffee or tea made just the way you like it, or purchased from that particular coffee shop that you’ve mentioned that you love. She could be even more obvious in her actions if you notice that getting that coffee was a trip made out of her way, or if some desserts were given along with it!

A coffee could mean she likes you

Even the smallest hints of kindness reflects the biggest signals of interest at work

By remembering what you like (particularly the small things) it shows a clear sign that she likes you. She is trying to find ways to please you, because over time you will notice having a positive energy around her and also feel happy around her.

Remember the thing about imprinting things into your mind? That’s what’s happening here, we all automatically do it around the people we like!

#4 She Displays Great Curiosity On Your Life Outside of Work

Other telltale signs a female coworker likes you would be her genuine desire to know more about your life outside the workplace. She will display this behavior by being sincerely interested in wanting to hear about what you have to talk about yourself, and prodding further to dig out more details about you. A woman who is patient in hearing you drone on about even the most uninteresting and insignificant moments of your daily life is definitely a girl worth keeping around.

#5 She Is Ever Ready to Help You With Work

If you notice that your colleague is ever willing to set precious time aside specifically to help you, no matter how busy she can be with her own work duties, then that shows that she likely fancies you. For instance, she may show a keen willingness to help you with carrying any heavy items, or question repeatedly if you need her help on certain matters.

obvious romantic signs at the workplace

Setting aside precious time for you can be signs a female coworker has feelings for you

Do be wary of those that could be looking just to get you in their bed though, and keep a good distance from such people if you suspect so.

#6 She Is Quick to Protect You Should the Need Arise

If she is not afraid to step up to defend you and take your side in terms of conflict, then this could possibly imply that she has a certain fondness of you. In the scenario where others come for her because she defended you, but yet she still sticks her ground, then that’s one sweet act that shows the woman that she is. An interested person will also tend to believe your words easily more so than that of others.

Defence is an act of loyalty & commitment

However, please note, that she might be a woman of principles and sticks to her beliefs especially in the work place where more often than not politics can get in the way of rational thinking. This could be a reflection of a strong character that will not back down for what is right, rather than it being about “liking you” and trying to find ways of getting into a relationship with you.

Having said that, it could be a combination of both, in which case, you are in one lucky position!

#7 She Remembers Things Special to You

While it can’t be helped that some people simply are bad at remembering their loved ones’ special dates, someone that is romantically interested should have a natural tendency to remember all the things about you. If she is going all out to pursue you, then she will be sure to put in the effort to surprise you on the special dates, especially on your birthday.

female in same work place shows interest

People only give presents when they like you… she LIKES you!

Think about this, once a person is in a relationship it is easy to get comfortable and all caught up in everyday life that you can forgot special occasions, but when pursuing someone or something, the mind hones in to what it wants and puts it to the front of the queue… translation, she will remember special occasions.

#8 Her Schedule Increasingly Aligns with Yours

If she has the hots for you, then she will naturally want to do what she can just to spend a little more time together with you. She may do so by tweaking her schedule so as to match yours, so if you find that her shifts are the same as yours and that you’re getting to end work with her much more than before, this could be a good indication that she fancies you.

#9 Her Body Language & Subtle Signs

Pay attention to her body language; this is what gives their intentions away. For instance, you may notice her seeming more nervous when alone with you as compared to when you’re in a group, or that her body seems to face you most of the time. If she picks up your lingo and has unconsciously incorporated it in the way she speaks, this could also show that she is attentive to your words and actions.

#10 He Gives You Endearing Nicknames

If a girl is romantically interested in you, she’s likely to be extra affectionate when it comes to you, such as by teasing you with a nickname that only she calls. This is because she gets more of your attention that way!

top signs a female coworker likes you

Endearing nicknames is a definite sign of affection.

Tips & Indications Of Romantic Interest

It is definitely no easy task to figure out the signs a female coworker likes you, but the above-mentioned are some of the many telltale signs that you can consider as an indication of interest, of some sort. Don’t be too quick to get swayed by her acts of affection though, and make sure to not rush into anything: let her true intentions get revealed with time!

That fact is, specifically being on the look out and seeking your crush at the work place is not appropriate. But that doesn’t mean chemistry cannot naturally form where people end up meeting each other and eventually develop relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions
✅ What are the main signs a female coworker likes you?

The trick is to look at subtle and not so obvious signs. She want's to show you she likes you but at the same time does not want to announce it to the world. Here are some subtle signs a female coworker likes you:
- More often than not needs help that would ordinarily be trivial
- Catching her looking at you and instantly turns away
- Remembers small things about you that you cannot remember telling her