No Matches On Bumble? Solution For Men

by Geoff | Last Updated: May 16, 2020

The popularity of online dating over the past decade has risen hand in hand with the growth of dating apps. Tinder has to be the biggest name in the market, and ever since its launch in 2013, many other formidable dating apps have risen in the game. Other comparable apps include Bumble, OkCupid, and Coffee Meets Bagel; all of which have their own individual approach to matching one user to one another

Women & The Upper Hand On Bumble

In particular, Bumble is the location-based social app distinguishable by its one unique approach; between female and male matches, only the women can make the first move to message the men, where the men just lie in wait. In this article, we’ll talk about what Bumble is, and what it reveals about gender and feminism in our modern dating scene.

Bumble is Where Females Do the Work

Promoted primarily to be a feminist dating app, Bumble was launched in 2014 and has taken off ever since to be the next most popular app after Tinder in the US. With its female-focus brand, Bumble encourages women to take charge of initiating conversations with users whose profiles they are attracted to. As Bumble’s CEO and co-founder, Whitney Wolfe Herd was inspired by the honeybees, where the female worker bees were the worker bees who would do all the work to bring nectar back to the waiting male bees. Whitney hence came up with Bumble’s unique feminist approach, as she aspired to create a respectful dating community with the queen bees placed in charge. With that said, there still exists an extent of gender inequality, since only the women can do the work of initiating, while the men just sit around waiting for invites to slide in.

How to find a match on Bumble as a man

In Using Bumble

Users can sign up for Bumble via their Facebook account or with a phone number. As part of verification, users are tasked to submit a selfie of them in a particular pose, and the photos are reviewed by real people who ensure the legitimacy. In finding potential matches, users swipe to the right to “like” a profile and swipe to the left to reject them. Once a match between a man and woman occurs, the latter will then have to get a conversation started within 24 hours. Otherwise, matches will automatically disappear after the time frame. They will also vanish if a response from the other user does not come through within 24 hours of the initiating message being sent. For same-sex matches, either user can initiate a conversation.

Bumble Features and Upgrades Over the Years

Over the years, Bumble has upgraded itself with several upgrades. A cool feature that Bumble has is the BFF mode, which when activated, works the same way that the dating mode does, but the conversations are color-coded green to symbolize friendships, in contrast to the yellow color code for dates. This worked well for those looking to start friendships before jumping into a more serious dating level. Unlike other dating apps, Bumble also has a video-call function that allows matches to talk to each other over the camera.

how to get a woman to match up with you on Bumble App

Bumble also released a backtrack feature in 2015 that enables users to undo accidental swipes with a simple shake of the phone. Users are started off with three free backtracks, which are then replenished every three hours or can be redeemed in a set of three when users share the app on their social media platforms. There’s also the snooze function in Bumble which allows users to put their account on hold for a period of time.

Experience with Bumble

As empowering and lovely as Bumble’s message was claimed to bring, feedback from using the dating app hasn’t been as great as expected. For one, in contrast to other dating apps like Tinder and OkCupid, Bumble does not have the option for users to identify as genderqueer or transgender. Also, the brand of feminism is outdated; the app casts aside the importance of men’s feelings regarding the adoption of a more submissive dating role, and this may unintentionally create tension amongst users.

It was not easy for men to get comfortable with the idea of waiting in the dating scene, and they may view Bumble as an app designed for females to strip them of the dating power they rightfully own. This backfired on the meaningful message that Bumble was meant to bring, as some men openly criticized the idea of women taking the role of men. In other cases, there were women who suffered the sexual degrading and violent responses by males who found no value in the feminist approach. Such horrific experiences have no doubt scared off some females from trying Bumble.

Suggestions to Improve Bumble

To truly make a meaningful impact when it comes to female empowerment, and to contribute an overall pleasant dating experience on the app, Bumble should consider making some serious reassessments. For instance, the Bumble team could have users undergo a quiz on feminism and gender equity before matches can be approved.

improving the chances of getting a Bumble match

To facilitate better engagement with its users and between users, Bumble could also develop a user-friendly forum where users can step up to share their in-app experience with Bumble, and put forth any suggestions that the Bumble team can take note of to work on enhancing the app experience. Such a move also allows Bumble to refresh its brand in supporting women’s desires, as well as to help in easing the idea of diverse roles of dating, especially to the men.

So, in the meantime what can you do if you have no matches on bumble?

Profile Photo Is King

When you meet someone for the first time face to face, the first thing you judge them by is their appearance. So what’s the first thing daters see about you on Bumble?

That’s. right, your profile image.

So if you can’t get matches, the first place you’d want to work on is your profile photos. Take advantage of all six photo slots and make the best profile first impression you can. Here are some aspects to consider:

How Your Swiping Habits Can Have An Impact

Having high standards is a good thing, especially as it reflects your expectations. However, if you are swiping yes one the most attractive people, then you might consider lowering your standard just a bit.

You aren’t actually lowering your standards, but you need to understand there’s more to people than their looks. No one is saying to swipe yes to people you do not feel physically attracted to, but there are still plenty of good-looking people out there with a personality… essentially if you swipe right on more profiles, will allow you. to meet more people that you’d otherwise dismiss. Physical attractiveness is important, but it’s not the determining factor to a long lasting and loving relationship.

Super Swipes To Improve Your Presence

All apps need a way to maintain their existence and Bumble is no different. It is a business and one of their products is Bumble Boost subscriptions which allows users to see other daters who have swiped right on you, extend conversations and rematch with expired matches.  This is where you can use Bumbles in-app currency for super swipes which sends notifications to other members of your interest. Just like there’s a best time to use Tinder Boost, there’s also a best time to use Bumble boost. It’s this time of the day that is ever so important because, get your timing right, then you can make your money go further while increasing your chances of finding love.

While the cost can add up, it does improve your chances of finding a match and you can always stop using the service when ever you want… but a word of warning, it can get a little addictive.

Combining Dating Methods & Apps For Success

Given the accessibility and range of dating apps available in the market, the best way to inch oneself into the online dating game would be to step foot in the various different apps, test them out, and go along with the flow. Even better, don’t just rely exclusively on the use of dating apps, but combine a variation of dating methods. There’s nothing wrong with putting yourself out there or making the first move and best of all, you don’t need a wingman by your side helping you out; regardless of your gender. Love does not discriminate and you never know who you might find. May love come knocking on your door, or vice versa, soon!