How To Approach A Girl Without Getting Rejected (Works)

by Geoff | Last Updated: March 27, 2020

I’m about to get a bit personal on you, so hold on to your seats.

A lot of the stuff I teach is a pure reflection of what goes on in my own world in terms of the women I have approached and come in contact with.

Here is the general philosophy:

Positivity, Vision & Success With Women

how to approach a girl with confidence

Remember confidence comes within & not by what you wear

Focus on positive aspects of moving towards a greater vision. A vision of you as a smooth, naturally attractive man. Rather than focusing on negative points that externally confirm the existence of you failure towards women.
It’s all based on the general premise that ‘What you think about in life – you get’.
What I am trying to communicate through this blog or through a Flawless Natural Bootcamp  is point out that you actually are a champ… as long as you truly believe it!
Empowering the inner man of glory and eliminating the inner bitch of doom.
There is no point focusing on external things that point towards you sucking. Because you will find a million of them.

The list goes on forever.

Here’s my point: this thinking is pointless and counter productive and it will kill you and your chances of success with the woman you’re trying to attract.

The Focal Point & Grabbing Her Attention

The key is to focus on internal things that point toward you being deluxe. After all, you are the only constant in this game that you can actually manage or enhance, a little like a game of chess. The rest (girls/environment/external) are all variables that you cannot control and therefore should not waste unnecessary energy on… that energy should be kept for focusing on what you can control.

Get close to a girl

Concentrate on the things you can control and forget about the things you can’t

I have always said that the one difference between the guys that are good and they guys that are superfly deluxe is one thing: creativity.

So what will separate you? Yep. creativity.

Then… how is creativity built or, better yet, cultivated?

Steps To Cultivating Creativity & Charm

Firstly it’s hard to define creativity or how to generate it. Its something that happens spontaneously and this can be very elusive.

Let’s look at “the game of pickup”, for example. Ever since the first how to date girls books came out we men have been trying to structure a way to get them consistently. Which is cool and fair enough but also leads to its own sets of problems.
You see when you define something and try and put a box or structure around it, you are forcing yourself to follow a rigid set of rules which ultimately leads to failure.
Therefore your thought patterns follow very straight lined, outcome oriented thinking.

You still need to approach women when you are on a date

Creativity does not need to be hard, it just needs to be different

Rigid Thinking & When You Shouldn’t Approach Women

Example of this thinking in its application (i.e what your mind says):

Goal: Makeout and get with the girl.

Process: Approach and Open with Opener. Then Attract with attract stuff. Then Close using Close stuff.

Outcome: Kissing the girl.

What normally ends up happening is this. You see the girl then your head goes okay now what opener should I use, then what? Hmm maybe a story… then I’ll do my famous swirly whirly routine and then I’ll close with the superman makeout tactic!

The point is your mind trips over itself. You get inside your head and outcome oriented. Then by the time you approach, the girl can smell that your not being genuine and probably actually being flat out creepy or weird (especially if your running background processes like monitoring your own body language and other useless things).

One solution to this is having a wingman by your side who can camouflage this non genuine side of you that’s openly on display. It gives you time to recoup and try again after your wing has cracked a few jokes and broke the ice… however, a wingman is not the real solution, but flawless natural think is.

pretending to be cool is not actually approaching her

Don’t try too hard, you’ll just come across as creepy

Your Approach & What To Know

Instincts is what drives humans no matter if you are male or female and you know right away if you are ready to approach her and start talking. More often than not you like the girl across the club but too many thoughts run through your head (this happens 9 times out of 10). However occasionally you will have this confidence where you know approaching her will be a breeze.

Don’t ask me why this happens, but it does… the point, if you are not ready be aware of it. This does not mean you should not approach her (practice makes perfect), but know if you fail, do not feel bad, recognize it was because your mind-set wasn’t ready at that time and it had nothing to do about you per se.

How to approach a girl

Successfully approaching women is more about you than it is about her 

So it’s important to recognise your inner feelings and trust your gut… if you’re still concerned about approaching a girl, here are a few things to consider before taking the plunge.

How nervous are you around this girl?

If you are nervous you cannot be on your game and she will notice. You will start coming up with some manufacture conversation and some silly chat up lines to impress her. Trust me, she will see this as a pick up line and lose interest.

How to approach girl with confidence

How many times have you run in your head how to approach her? Trying to think up of ways to get closer that looks natural but it always fails? That’s because the approach is manufactured and she can see it. Just walk up to her and make it clear your want to talk to her… the confidence will impress her.

Women’s body language & what it’s saying

No not hers but yours. Be aware about how you move your body. Confident men do not fidget and do things sporadically. Every move the make, they make with intention and meaning… and do not forget the stand tall.

How To Approach A Girl Through Flawless Natural Thinking

Ok – Here is what Flawless Natural thinking looks like:
It is completely free flowing in the moment. It deals with life’s situations and events as soon as they arise, with flexability and ease because there is no thinking about them in the future.

Here is what the mind does in relation to pickup (the opposite of outcome oriented):
Wow I’m in a club… woooo!… high five my friend…. let’s chat to my friend… I like my friend… ohhh awesome look at that chair ahhahha what a silly looking chair… sorry now back to my friend…. cool… ohhh this is fun… wow my shoes are brown that is funny…. “hmmm i was wondering about sea creatures the other day – there is some WEIRD STUFF going on in the sea”… I like lizards too… oh wait ! damn LOOK AT THAT GIRL SHE’S HOT…. yes…. fo follow the girl…I must talk to her…. YUM… “Hey i just had to come meet you I’m Tim!”… “you like sea creatures dont you hahahahah”…. “come here love… kiss me”…..”hahahahah”… this is weird she won’t kiss me yet ahhhh well soon enough… “so back to you and me…what was your name again?

My head is like a magic eight ball. I shake it and whatever floats to the surface I do. I trust that somewhere in the void of my mind something cool will float to the surface.

Something cool to say, or do, or whatever in that exact event or situation. If something cool/positive/fun doesnt float to the surface – I shake it again