Ultimate Guide To An Alternative Lifestyle For Successful People

by Geoff | Last Updated: March 27, 2020

Respect power and authority. Respect each other. I see a lot of guys learn game. And immediately reach for things they didn’t know existed. Not because it fulfils them. Because its suddenly possible. Take threesomes. This doesn’t exist in the reality of most people.

Possibilities & Prioritizing Goals

But guys find out it’s possible and IMMEDIATELY make it a goal and priority in their life. And they often fail to achieve it. Because its not their reality. It’s not congruent with who they are. But it’s possible, so they want it whether doing it brings something better in their life or not… and this is where alternative lifestyle come into play.

Back to exotic dangers, they are possible for all of us. And unrealistic for most of us. Recognize that your reality and hers must overlap for a relationship to be fulfilling. Respect that she has non physical needs. Fulfil these needs with emotions and the physical becomes a given.

Remove it as a goal and focus on fun, focus on fulfilment and focus on the lifestyle and activities that provides for both you and the one you are after.

Type of alternative lifestyles

Focus on lifestyle that provides for you both, not doing something just because it’s achievable

Selfish Pursuits & Others Involved

We are a selfish race by nature. We must take care of our personal needs before we can care for others. Don’t become consumed with the first to the detriment of the second. Care for others. Stop selfish pursuits to suit your type of lifestyle when they involve another.
Don’t hit the bar for one night passion. Give the gift of a one night passion. Allow this beautiful woman at the bar the opportunity to connect with another human being and satisfy her physical needs. If only for a night.

Alternative lifestyle is not only about you

Share you experiences together, don’t make it about just you

Of course you get lucky. But as a side dish. Not as a main dish. The main dish is what you offer her. Connection. No strings. The physical is secondary to satisfying her needs. It’s secondary to the value you bring to the interaction.

Satisfy HER selfish desires, this is a part of your new alternative life style that things about others and not only yourself and the ironic thing is, you will enjoy life more this way.

Share the Joy. The activity doesn’t matter. It’s the emotion it invokes. I can talk DnD to a girl and get her to jump me. I don’t. But I have, because there was once passion for that activity.
If I play Rummy with a girl, I’m not sharing the activity of Rummy with her. I’m sharing a grounding routine of learning cards from my Grandmother. The joy of spending time with my mother, my aunts and my grandmother on a cool summer day over lemonade. Dropping cards and counting points while the boys went off and did their thing.

Share Emotions Invoked By Activities

I’m sharing the emotion the activity invokes. The activity is meaningless. Bring this mentality into everything you do with the girl. I don’t want to watch Sex in the City with my new girl. I want to watch her enjoy it. I want her to share that emotion with me. Not the experience.
And activities become less important. Time becomes important. Memories become important. Learn to find emotion is everything, and convey it to her.

Your new lifestyle is not about you, it is about her, in fact it is about other people in your life… there is no life if others did not exist in it.

Be a child and experience the wonder in EVERYTHING.

The Dangers Of Seduction & Why You Need An Alternative Lifestyle

Don’t allow seduction to consume you. There’s no world for the man consumed in one thing. Allow is to guide you into a new existence. Steer your boat with the knowledge and experience you attain. Not with the possibilities of things you read. But with what you know to fulfil you and your lifestyle.

Learning about women online

Steer your boat with knowledge you attain, not with possibilities your read up on

Because you’re experienced. You’ve been in field. Books and DVDs are worthless. They point you in a direction which is no alternative to the real thing. None of you would need game if you lived a life full of beautiful women. You might learn it to improve your options. But you wouldn’t need it.

Recognizing Your Life Is The Issue & Why An Alternative Is In Order

Recognize it’s your life that is the issue. Knowledge leads to experience. Experience to skill. And skill to a new life. Recognize that your life MUST change if your results do not satisfy you. Don’t expect to hit the bar on Saturdays and get yourself new girls. Those aren’t real girls. Not consistently.
Consume what you need as a temporary measure. Exert your 110% effort to begin your journey. But don’t leave the afterburners on. Reach your altitude and coast. Keep your skills fresh. Designate a bar night. Don’t get comfortable. And recognize your goals as something to fulfil you.
Reach for those goals that are congruent with the reality you intend to live. Not merely in what’s possible.

So think twice before believing a change in lifestyle involves seducing women & making lot’s of  money… the success to a fulfilled lifestyle is considering the other person.