How To Wingman Like A Pro (Your Friends Will Love You)

by Geoff | Last Updated: March 27, 2020

What does it really mean to give value, why does spending time with some people make you feel good regardless of whether they actually do anything which directly benefits you. What is it about some people that makes you feel drained after they leave. Why are some people always selfishly taking from others?

Giving value applies not just to us as in relation to what we give to girls. It also applies to wingmen as in what value they give to each other and to girls that interact with you.

how to be a wingman for your friends

Don’t forget, sometimes your success with women is thanks to your wingman

What It Means To Being A Good Wing Man

So what  is a wingman supposed to do anyway?

One thing about value which a lot of pick up artists don’t seem to be aware of is what it means to be a good wing. Bad wings can kill not only your state but also your ability to actually pick up anyone. I’ve had a few experiences now where wings basically come out, watch you open a set, come in, alpha male of a group you and then relentlessly pursue the hottest girl in the group.

Chodes almost always have very bad, hugely selfish wings and it’s one of the reasons they don’t get lucky, let alone progress to a first date!

I had one set last year go down like this:

Me: Hi guys. What’s up. Vibe Vibe Vibe.
Two minutes of conversation.

Girls: Where are you from, what’s your name, etc..

My ‘friend’ appears: (speaking overly loudly while invading my personal space, grabbing my shoulder hard while also shaking me slightly) Hey dude, it’s your round.. Get me a …

Basically this guy has learned that AMOG / Blowout game makes you look alpha. Slight digression but naturals do this a lot, a recent example being a guy who said to a 3 set of mine last week

“This guy’s a player I’ve seen him doing this with lots of other girls”

Obviously this guy’s forgetting his intent, it’s not exactly a bad thing for him to say, but to interrupt the chase like this goes against the wingman rules.

How To Respond To A Selfish Wingman

How to respond to something like that.

  1. Either actively fight for the girls.. “Sorry dude, I’m talking”. Look alpha but also possibly cheap and like you don’t value your friends over the women.
  2. Get the drink, allow the wing to loiter about, eventually take set and mess it up.

I did number two at the time. Now I’d probably just ignore completely which after a few more of these I’ve found worked the best, but one rule to remember is selfish pursuits of women rarely lead to happiness and being the bigger man sometimes means stepping aside and giving others an opportunity even if their approach is questionable.

Giving cheers drinks

Have a sense of duty to help your wings as you would your friends

Getting back to the main point of this, giving value when your out with wings is that when you’re out with guys you should really feel you have a duty to help them as much as possible and that means more than giving them sweet pick up lines to use on girls… If you don’t, go out alone.

Questions I now ask myself when winging:

How can I help my wings pick up more quickly?

Will doing this help my wing get lucky or even a date?

Now the wingmen I have at the moment are awesome, they generally DHV me to girls, and we work together to ‘own’ venues.

The 7 Rules To Successful Winging

What I think some people need to become aware of is that:

  1. Actively pursuing girls who your wing is into is counter productive, actively chatting up girls on behalf of your wing however is a great move and meets little or no resistance.
  2. There are millions of women in the world and if you don’t personally know hot chicks who would date you, it’s basically your laziness and fear that’s the problem.
  3. AMOG game is not something to unleash on ‘friends’ you are out with. Doing it is loser behaviour! Although it might well get you laid, do this on chodes if you must, provided you actually have the balls.
  4. If you find yourself in a venue speaking to groups, involving your wing is always a good idea. If you have any doubts about that, get new wings.
  5. Wings should be relentlessly pumping each others state.
  6. Wings should be encouraging opening of all sets.
  7. When out PUAs need to agree who’s into who early on and stick to it.

Chatting Up Women On Behalf Of  Your Wing

Regarding point 1.

Let’s say your wing opens a set of ridiculously hot girls, chats for 10 mins, they laugh and really like him, he introduces you and you get chatting to the hottest one as frequently happens. You could do the chode thing and attempt to chat her up yourself BUT if you instead start qualifying her on behalf of your wing, DHV him to her and start making her question whether she is good enough.

“My wing is the one of the greatest guys I know”, “you’re not going to be one of those girlfriends who takes people away from their friends are you”, “so can you cook”, “are you good in bed”, “rich”, etc. etc.

Attractive woman on the dance floor

Question attractive women whether they are good enough

You not only make yourself seem very cool, you also are 20 times more likely to get in with this girl’s friends. When she inevitably pulls your wing, her mates will now be feeling social pressure to hook up with you.

Wings can either kill the whole thing or get you LUCKY!