Signs A Female Coworker Likes You

by Geoff | Last Updated: August 17, 2020

Many romantic encounters and relationships start to bloom from the office. When you spend time working together, sometimes late into the night, there is a tendency for things to heat up. With long hours at work together, you often talk to your colleagues about work and everyday happenings before talking about your private and personal lives.

Subtle signs a female coworker likes you

The Workplace & Potential Relationships

The workplace can, therefore, generate a conversation that helps you find out more about your colleague, leading to more serious relationships in the long run. For coworking spaces, you may end up meeting someone who you share a mutual attraction with. The coworking space also helps you to get to know her more and vice versa.

However, things can be tricky sometimes and you can’t really tell whether the woman you are interested in is also into you, or if she is just being polite.

Read on to find out some of the signs that a female coworker is romantically interested in you and wants to know you more.

#1 She Is Always Around You

If a female coworker is interested in you, she will always find a way to be near or around you. This can be in the form of asking for some help from you, or even something small like sharing gossip with you. If you always find her around you, there is a high chance that she is interested to get to know you more.

It can also be some kind of a coincidence, so be sure to observe and see if these coincidences keep happening; it may just be that she’s trying to plan subtle means to stay near or around you. Another thing you might notice is that you are the first person she approaches if she needs help when something goes wrong. Take note of these small details as they can be signs that she likes you and wants to catch your attention!

#2 She Smiles Whenever She Sees You

Some people can just be friendly by nature and smile at anyone and everyone they see. Be sure to observe if she smiles at everyone or if it’s just towards you. If she’s not smiling at everyone but only at you; in particular whenever she sees you, you can take it as a sign that she is kind of into you, or at least, she feels happy when she sees you. If you feel like there is something special in her eyes when she smiles at you, there could be something going on and she may be trying to draw your attention to her.

#3 She’s Flirting With You

Many colleagues or those who share the same co-working space engage in light-hearted flirting to help lessen the stress and pressure felt at work. If you feel like she’s acting differently from how usual office flirting goes, something might be up. She might just be using the usual office flirting as an excuse to indulge in flirting with someone she’s into— that person might be you! When she’s flirting with you, try to see if she is dropping any hints. See if she flirts with other colleagues and coworkers the same way she does with you. If she acts differently around other people, she might be into you.

Female work colleague flirting with you

#4 She Takes Note Of Small Details About You

You may have casually mentioned to her about the kind of food you like or dislike. At your next meal together with other coworkers or at a gathering, she remembers these about you and orders the food according to your preference. This is a sign that she takes note of the small details about you and that she wants you to know.

She might also notice other small details, like the type of coffee you like, whether you want sugar, cream or milk, or even small things like your little subconscious gestures at work. If she notices all of these small details, chances are she’s been observing you and looking at you, trying to figure out what you like and don’t like. These are all possible signs that she’s into you but is too shy to approach you first.

#5 She Dresses Up More Often

You notice her dressing up more often, whether it’s putting in more effort for her outfits or spending more effort on her makeup. You can approach her and ask her if she’s heading off somewhere after work. If she says no, she might be dressing up more often to impress someone at work. This makes sense as we often want to dress up in a nice and impressive manner to grab the attention of the person we are interested in and to impress them. This might be a sign that she’s into someone at work, and that person might just be you.

#6 She Compliments You

She might compliment you from time to time about your work. She might also compliment you on and off about how you look. These may suggest that she notices you and what you’ve been doing. If she compliments your look, it means that she has been paying attention to your dressing and noticing what you are wearing. If she compliments your work, she’s showing that she appreciates your qualities and admires you for them. If you are also interested in her, you can also compliment her from time to time and show her that you notice.

Physical signs of attraction in the work place

#7 She’s Comfortable Enough To Share Inside Jokes

The beauty of humor is that there’s truth behind each joke. It is a way of her telling you story indirectly while making you laugh and feel good about yourself. There tactic combines two factors:

  1. She isn’t going to be direct and tell you everything about her right off the bat. That will come across as desperate and needed and she knows it will scare you away. So she will incorporate jokes in her story as a means of telling you a story about her without it seeming like she wants to share everything about her personal life… even though that’s what she is doing.
  2. On top of this, making you laugh makes you feel good. If you feel jolly around her because she makes you laugh, you will associate your “feeling good” with her presence… and that’s exactly what she is trying to do.

So if she is joking a lot, consider she likes you because she is making an a effort! Also, don’t be surprised if she tries to find out more about you and your personal life through the jokes, because that is an other strategy behind cracking jokes…  at the very least, embrace it and have a good time.

#8 She’s Asks For Help Regularly

Firstly, do not forget that you are in the work place. If a female coworker asks for help it is more than likely that she actually needs the help.

Do not be one of those guys that instantly assumes.

A work environment is a place where a team come together as a family unit to get the task at hand completed to the best of the ability of the team.

Having said that, if you notice she needs you assistance at least once a day each and every day, then you have a genuine reason to think she might be into you… particularly if you aren’t a direct part of her team.

Use your instinct and try and determine how important is the help she is asking for? Is she asking to discuss the latest report, needs to borrow your pen, only to bring it straight back or she even goes as far to ask if you need a coffee to help your concentration levels… then it sure seems like she wants to get closer to you.

Remember, women understand men and most men love to be the knight in shining armor. A man loves the fairytale story of rescuing a woman and saving her life. She knows that and will show her helplessness so that you would evoke your macho rescuer status.

The Importance Of Subtle Signs In The Workplace

If someone is interested in you and wants to know you better, they are usually quite obvious about it and you can tell that they are into you. However, people can be shy to approach first. If you are unsure if you should make the first move, you can take note of some of these signs that your female coworker is into you as well.

This list is non-exhaustive and there are many other signs that suggest that she might be into you. She might make inside jokes with you or leave you cute presents and notes. If you notice some of these signs, don’t jump into making the first move straight away but wait and observe further before deciding. Sometimes, it may just be a coincidence and you have to see how she interacts with other people as well.

Frequently Asked Questions
✅ What are the main signs a girl likes you?

This is not an exact science but here are a few base points to look at:
- Giving you short glances
- Playing with her hair while talking to you
- Exposing her neck
- Finding your jokes a little funnier than the average person you know

✅ Is there a sure way to know she's flirting with you at the work place?

Bear in mind that the work place is somewhere where things should be kept professional. However, that doesn't mean you cannot pickup the subtle signs that she's in to you. Here are but a few signals she could be sending you:
- She greets you every morning without fail
- During meetings is always sat next to you
- Asks where you've been if you took a sick day or went on vacation
- She indirectly touches you with her hand, elbow or legs in an accidental manner
Remember, individually non of these means she is in to you, but if they happen collectively, then the chances are she is.

✅ What body language signs demonstrates she is unconsciously in to you?

Body language is one of the surest ways of telling she's into you. Most women will try their hardest not to show interest and not to come across as desperate.
However, one thing most of us are not able to do is recognise when we give off unconscious signals. It is these subconscious signals you should be looking out for as they never lie... unless of course you read them incorrectly.
Such signals include:
- Running her fingers through her hair while communicating with you
- An ever so slight bite of her lips while you are talking to her
- Her face, torso and legs are pointing in your direction
- Arching of her back to make her chest and legs the centre of attention
- Mirrors your actions which means she is paying attention to what you are doing and saying