March 27, 2020

The Home: A Path To A Woman’s Heart

We will be looking into what Freud once famously said: What is it women really want? He was clearly experienced with women having two marriages, and thousands of dates.

His answer was: “The want a man with a beautiful home!”

Although some women may find this offensive, I still thought it would be interesting to dig a little deeper to see what the evidence shows about the correlation between a woman’s heart and a man’s home.

Let’s take a closer look!

Is A Big Home A Desirable Quality For Women

The size of your home isn’t everything, but it is amazing (surprising even) how possessing a big beautiful house can make a man even more attractive to a woman despite his looks, height and build.

people gathering inside bachelors home

This is not a case of judging women and saying they are only interested in a man for his money, not at all! It appears to be more about the psychology of the human mind and how women will automatically consider what is best for their kids… essentially can the man provide?

Still don’t believe me? Well there’s a known case of the journalist Esther Walker who has given dating advice for women and admitted publicly in one of her articles that she married Giles Coren because she fell in love with his big Victorian house that had 5 bedrooms. Although her husband had many qualities that she found attractive, she then wrote that she went weak at the knees because of his house… ultimately she fancied his house more than him.

Sometime the truth is a hard pill to swallow, but life is not always about what you feel is right or wrong, but rather about the laws of human nature and accepting how things are in order to pave your path. Going in the right direction sometimes means avoiding the things you do not like and in order to do that you need to know what’s out there and the way people can be.

Sometimes Being Attractive Isn’t Enough

I consider myself a good looking man and had my fair share of success with women. These were far from shallow, meaningless relationships, in fact I can safely say there was genuine love there. The problem was, while having a girlfriend I was still acting like a semi-bachelor. Commitment in the relationship was there, being faithful was number one priority, making her smile and laugh was important.

However, I lacked one thing… I did not have my own home.

good lucking man attracting women

There comes a point when a women needs security, they want a buffer so that when children do enter the equation they can provide the best environment possible for them. So is it a romantic myth that women will love you if you do not have a big house? No. Women will love you for who you are and your  character, however,  they won’t have children with you unless you can provide security through property.

How do I know this? Because that is what they told me!

Of course that’s nice for men with money and big properties and not so great news for the rest of us (men like me). I have my own nice small apartment in Exeter, clean and has two balconies other side with amazing views… but it’s not a beautiful in the heart of London!

When women came to my place for the very first time, I still can see the disappointment in their faces, followed by a forced smile and a:

“Oh, this is nice!”

She might as well have asked, how many times does a dog eat and I would have felt far more comfortable.

What Women Have To Say About Love & Property

This correlation between a woman and man’s property is nothing new, in fact it seems to be primordial.

Even successful single women in their 50s with wealth and substantial properties still seek a man with a big lovely houses. So the conclusion appears to be more about security over status… essentially feeling safe with such a man.

woman cozy in boyfriends home

This is why it seems to be a biological matter over a conscious decision and why I personally do not blame women for wanting a man with a beautiful house, big kitchen and luxurious bathrooms… in fact, I’d do that same!

But this takes me back to the law of human nature. Sometimes things are built inside us that has evolved through evolution. All-in-all a woman is looking out for what’s best for her and ultimately her kids.

It boils down to the survival of the fitness and they want to be up there!