March 27, 2020

The Foundation Home

Unfortunately this is the old Archie page for the foundation which has ceased to be updated and this is a temporary replacement. Visit if you are looking for the foundation.

Welcome to The Foundation, a children’s charity with a family of funds, all different, but with the same aim – to make the difference to children’s healthcare.

Setting up a children’s charity not only helped improve the lives of others but also helped my life grow… literally! I met my now wife through the organization when we were hiring an account to balance the book.

The Strongest Relationship Starts Off As Friends

Throughout the months we became friends and had a lot in common. We both admit initially there was no spark between us, but our mutual interests kept us close and as a result ended up spending plenty of time together.

Before we knew it, we were doing activities both within the business (with the kids in need) and also in our own personal free time.

strong relationship development

For example, our foundation also helps children get outdoors to experience nature and although it may not exactly be extreme outdoor sports it is still a day out. This is when we discovered our mutual interests and realised a friendship was growing.

How Our Foundation Grow After Dating

What we didn’t realize, it was almost like a marriage partnership where a man and women where taking care of a big family. Subconsciously this may have sparked our interest in dating which brought many unexpected challenges.

The rules in dating were VERY different to friendship and I found that I need to try and build a deeper connection with my woman (or so I thought), but it wasn’t easy.

My goal was to try really hard to be more attractive and charming which ultimately annoyed my potential girlfriend as she knew I was not being myself.

man and woman in relationship holding hands

After the reality check that pretending to be someone you’re not will never make a girl happy (because she will eventually see through it), I decided to be myself which made me smile more and in term make her smile and before we knew it we were constantly laughing like the very  kids we take care of through our business.

To cut a long story short, we clicked as a team and grew our business faster than ever expected and now have offices in three locations:

  • Foundation Grampian
  • Foundation Tayside
  • Foundation Highlands

Success Starts From Keeping Your Home In Order

This didn’t come without sacrifices, because we both had to change our habits to change our lives… I  bring up this story because I believe our coalition is what attracted others into our business, help it grow and ultimately improve the lives of thousands of children in need.

The changes all started when we moved in together and had to adapt to each others needs.

This mainly meant me having to adapt my bachelor pad habits. My now wife (then girlfriend) ask me “How can you change the world when you don’t even have your room in order”?

clean home into a woman's heart

At first this did not make much sense to me, but I noticed after cleaning my room I felt fresh and clean and happy. That evolved to keeping my office clean which improved my work performance and my business goals.

It’s amazing how how keeping your home and belongs in order creates an ordered mind. Take this a step further will also keep your partners mind in order and vice versa. 

Your home is your identity and makes you who you are! Take good care of it and it will take care of you!