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We have a number of local social media feeds for the charity - both Facebook and Twitter. here's the feed from our current challenge to climb every mountain in Scotland over 1KM high - non-stop! 

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Uganda's first ever children's operating theatre


We are delighted to have helped twin the Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital with children's services in Kampala, Uganda. The result of which is ARCHIE in Africa Day! We support local children 365 days a year and now we ask them to give 1 day a year back to support our twin hospital. The difference this support has already made is incredible - the first ever dedicated children's operating theatre in Uganda opened on April 20th this year. Find out more here. 

From Christmas Day to Burns Night, we call on all men-folk to grow their beards in support of local children when they are sick! Give or raise a minimum of just £10 to take part and you could change a child's journey through hospital. You'll also look cool on January 25th when you tuck into your haggis! :)

We 'Make the Difference' for local children when they are sick. We don't provide anything the NHS should, instead we provide more advanced or extra facilities, equipment, people and training. We also provide extensive support to families of sick children. 

Every year we provide a large number of emergency grants to support children when they are sick. We also support larger grants to allow services to develop or advanced care to be given. NHS Staff and parents can apply. You'll be asked to register on your first application.

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Every year we impact on the healthcare of more than 175,000 sick children. We buy specialist equipment, support families, create amazing hospital environments, enhance staff training, buy toys, fund research, provide specialist staff and respond in emergencies. Our donors, volunteers and supporters make this possible and we're hugely grateful to every single one of them. 

This is a temporary mini-site while we redevelop our main website. If you can't find everything you need, please call us on 01224 559559. Some links from this site will take you into our old one. Just in case you wondered why the style had changed :)

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