Making the difference for sick children in the North of Scotland

The ARCHIE Foundation

A warm and friendly welcome once inside too, and then some pretty amazing transformations for kids going to theatre...

Here's a video showing what we'll be doing to the outside and main entrance, thanks to support from Wood Group :)

A stunning new entrance to the Children's Hospital - so kids immediately feel at ease. No matter if they arrive during the day or night!

and here's some pictures and a video showing what we're hoping to achieve!

the high 10 appeal for the royal aberdeen children's hospital

changing healthcare for a generation of local children

The Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital is ten years old and during that time it has cared for more than one million local children. 

No matter whether the children arrive on a helicopter, in an ambulance or for a pre-arranged appointment, the hospital has been there for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for an entire decade. 

The care children receive is second to none. But the building urgently needs updates and upgraded to be ready for the next million children, and their worried families. 

Here's a video from one of our ambassadors, Emily, telling you her story. As you'll hear, Emily knows the hospital better than anyone - so she was able to help us identify a number of areas to improve!